Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Kevin D. Fong DDS

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When teeth suffer damage like chips or cracks, they require intervention to ensure they’re healthy and protected moving forward. Dr. Kevin Fong offers restorative dentistry services at his Hayward, California, office that can revitalize your smile and oral health. Restorations like crowns and bridges provide a variety of benefits, such as improved appearance, health, and function of teeth. To learn more about how you can benefit from restorative dentistry, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Restorative Dentistry Q & A

What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry involves diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral health issues. Once Dr. Fong detects problems that threaten the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums, he develops personalized treatment plans to restore your smile and oral health.

When decay or gum disease threaten your oral health, restorative dentistry helps restore the function, appearance, and health of your teeth and gums.

What are some types of restorative dentistry services?

Dr. Fong provides a variety of restorative dentistry services, including dental crowns and bridges. Below, you’ll find more information on crowns, bridges, and other restorations he offers:

Dental crowns

Crowns are porcelain caps that Dr. Fong places atop damaged, cracked, misshapen, or discolored teeth to protect against further deterioration. They’re made to match the shade and appearance of natural teeth to improve your smile.

Dental bridges

A bridge is a fixed prosthetic replacement for one or more missing teeth. Surrounding teeth are often slightly reduced in size to make room for a bridge. Bridges are either bonded onto neighboring teeth or attached to implants.

Other restorations Dr. Fong provides may include dental implants or fillings.

Implants are metal posts that he surgically inserts through the gum line to support restoration appliances like bridges that replace missing teeth. They fuse naturally to your jawbone and provide excellent support so artificial teeth don’t shift or slide in your mouth.

Fillings are composite material that he bonds onto decayed teeth to improve their appearance and coloration. They also improve the health and function of your tooth by preventing cavities.

What are the benefits of restorative dentistry?

In many cases, electing not to undergo restorative dentistry can allow simple gum inflammation to lead to severe gum disease, or tooth decay to lead to tooth loss. Restorative dentistry can provide immense benefit to your oral health, curb the progression of oral disease, and restore your smile.

Besides the benefits you can see, restorative dentistry boosts your self-esteem and helps limit your risk of developing serious medical conditions like heart attack or stroke.

Is restorative dentistry safe?

Yes, restorative dentistry is safe. In fact, not undergoing restorative dentistry procedures when Dr. Fong recommends them could be unsafe and increase your chances of oral health problems.

As is the case with all procedures, restorative dentistry procedures like crowns, bridges, or implants can come with minor complications, like temporary tooth sensitivity, swelling, or bruising. Dr. Fong typically prescribes pain medication to help alleviate any potential discomfort following a procedure.

To learn more about Dr. Fong’s restorative dentistry offerings, call or schedule a consultation online today.