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Dr. Kevin Fong is a talented dentist who cares for the oral health needs of a diverse clientele from his welcoming Hayward, California, office. Born in Alameda, he grew up mostly near his present-day office in Hayward with a family that also produced two other dentists: his father and brother. He has been an active member of his local community for practically his entire life and loves caring for his patients, many of whom are friends and neighbors.

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What our patients are saying...

"閣下一定要親身經歷, 先感受到他們的優點。😊😃😃😃"

"Dr. Fong and his team are awesome! He was recommended to us by our friend several years ago and we've been going there since. Thumbs up!!"

"Excellent service"

"I was a patient of Dr. Fong's for several years until I moved out to the Central Valley and the drive was too far while I was working. I have been having pain in a tooth on a bridge that Dr. Fong did for me 16 years ago. My new dentist in Patterson didn't think anything was wrong, but the issue pe…"

"Best dentist ever! Moved and went to 2 different dentists that I did not care for. Now I wait until I'm in town and return to Dr Fong."

"Best dentist I’ve ever been to! Wisdom tooth was taken care of without any issues, in and out. It’s the next day and I feel great!"

"Dr. Fong and his staff are friendly and caring."

"Couple day ago I started feeling some tooth ache around my wisdom tooth. I was scheduled to go to a different dentist but the soonest appointment they had was till a week later. Then today I couldn’t bear with the pain no more so I started lookin for a different dentist who can take me in & luckily…"

"I was in a lot of pain, and had an infection in both sides of my back teeth. The right was the most severe, all the way down into the bone. I went to Doctor Fong as an emergency patient. He is now my General Dentist and my Favorite Doctor. I raged about his wonderful care and bedside manner! My sis…"

"Very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Fong and his team takes care of the patients well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a family dentist."

"Five stars :) Best dental visit experience. Dr Fong and his team are very professional caring, and helpful. I got the wisdom teeth extraction with Dr.Fong. I wish I know Dr Fong place from the beginning."

"I got my wisdom teeth out here and I had an amazing experience! The staff and Dr. Fong were very caring and made the experience less stressful. I can not thank them enough! They continued to check up on me after the surgery and were happy to answer any questions I had. I can’t thank them enough."

"Recently moved to the area. Have had tooth pain on and off for a while before moving here. Dr Fong was very thorough and discussed my options . I decided to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted . One last week and the second one done yesterday . I feel fine. My expectation is that they will continue to…"

"I came here for my wisdom teeth extraction and it went really well. Dr. Fong and his team are amazing. They're very professional, caring and attentive. If you need to get your wisdom teeth out, come here because they are the best!"

"Always a welcoming place , thank you everyone ! Dr.Fong is very thorough which you need in a dentist and support staff is very accommodating and friendly."

"Kevin Fong is the best dental experience I've ever had. He is very thorough, lets you know all your options and prices, very understanding to each individuals circumstances, very nice and friendly and professional him and his staff. I was even more impressed when he called and checked on me later o…"


"I usually don't do reviews, but I had to leave one for Dr Fong. I had bad experiences with other dentists before but had to find a new dentist and was recommended to Dr Fong by a co-worker. This co-worker has been with Dr Fong for years and highly recommended him. Dr Fong and his staff were friendl…"

"I had difficult wisdom teeth. One grew in sideways. Dr. Fong was able to extract it without cutting it or my gums. All done in less than an hour. Definitely recommend."

"Would definitely recommend! My experience has always been above and beyond from Dr. Fong and his team. Very accommodating as well. The team is always on top of my appointments and you'd never miss it."


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Phone: (510) 783-1572

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