Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Nothing can be worse than a painful or broken tooth at an unexpected time. Dental emergencies can occur any moment, day or night. Hence it might not be possible to wait for business hours or scheduled appointments. If anything happens to your teeth, emergency dental care should be availed at the earliest to control any further harm or damage.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can vary from injuries resulting from sports accidents or trauma caused to the face leading to the teeth being knocked loose or falling out of the mouth. Other times you may be experiencing unbearable pain due to cavities or sensitivity in a tooth or suddenly chip a tooth. Dr. Kevin D. Fong, DDS offers emergency dental care that will ensure that your teeth are taken care of, and every effort will be made to provide relief from pain or repair your tooth.

When Is Emergency Dental Care Required?

There are several instances when emergency dental care will be required, such as:

Knocked-Out Teeth

Time is of the essence when it comes to replacing a knocked-out tooth. It is therefore vital that you seek treatment immediately. If an emergency dentist can place the tooth back into the socket soon after the accident, there is a good chance that the tissues in your mouth will grow to support it again.

Chipped, Broken, or Fractured Teeth

A chipped or broken tooth can be restored with a dental filling as long as the chip does not expose the pulp. If the tooth's pulp is exposed, a root canal treatment and crown may be necessary. A fractured tooth can also be a concern, especially if it has rough edges. Sometimes, the problem could be under the gums, such as a wisdom tooth trying to break through.


While most people connect toothaches with cavities, there could be other reasons for a toothache, such as bruxism or tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, it is best to get emergency care. Occasionally, toothaches may be caused when an object gets lodged between the teeth, which have to be removed.

Severe Tooth Damage

In extreme cases, when a tooth is too severely damaged or cannot be saved, an emergency tooth extraction may be performed. This may be done to help protect your remaining teeth.

Lost Crown or Filling 

Crowns and fillings can become loose as a result of decay in the tooth beneath the restoration. They could most likely detach and fall off while you are eating. If possible, when you visit emergency medical care, it could be bonded back again or replaced.


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