Best Food for Your Child's Dental Health

Best Food for Your Child's Dental Health

Posted by Kevin Fong DDS on Nov 8 2021, 07:51 AM

Proper nutrition is required for the development of healthy teeth in children. It is just as important as maintaining a proper oral care routine. This means that you should plan a properly balanced diet for your child as it has a direct effect on their oral health.

In this article, our dental experts at Kevin D Fong DDS, Hayward, CA, share insights on the best food for your child’s dental health.

What Are the Best Food Choices for Your Children?

Good eating habits along with proper brushing and flossing daily promote long-lasting healthy smiles in children. 

Therefore, keeping children away from foods that are likely to cause decay and cavities is important. This is where you need to plan a well-balanced diet that includes everything and not too much of anything.

Below are some of the foods you can include in your child’s diet that will help contribute to the development of a healthy white set of teeth:

Fruits and Vegetables Are the Healthy Snacks

When the food is crunchy, this means it requires more chewing. Chewing helps stimulate the gums and clean the teeth. 

The high water content in apples, carrots, and celery also helps wash away stubborn food particles and keeps plaque at bay.

Fruits rich in vitamin C can also do wonders for your child’s gums while vegetables provide much-needed fiber and other nutrients.

Leafy Veggies, a Side Dish

Calcium is important for strengthening the tooth enamel. As difficult as it can be, make sure to include leafy vegetables in your child’s diet so that it becomes a part of their meals right from childhood.

Dairy products like cheese are also a good source of protein and calcium. These foods not only promote healthy bones but are also vital for the health of your child’s teeth.

Dark Chocolate for That Sweet Tooth

Foods high in sugar are indeed a weakness for children. To satisfy their cravings, you can opt for dark chocolates that are high in antioxidants. 

This does not mean that dark chocolate can be consumed in large amounts. Always give it in moderation so that it does not end up being a bane in the future.

For more information on the best food for your child’s dental health, call Kevin D Fong DDS at (510) 783-1572 or visit our dental clinic at 944 W Winton Ave, Hayward, CA 94545.

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