How Important Is Dental Care for Pregnant Women?

How Important Is Dental Care for Pregnant Women?

Posted by Kevin Fong DDS on Oct 4 2021, 09:03 AM

Many people believe that dental health during pregnancy remains unaffected. However, the hormonal changes pregnancy causes can boost the risk of getting gum disease. Therefore, it becomes crucial to care for your overall dental health during pregnancy. 

The increased risk of oral health issues is dangerous because it could affect your pregnancy. 

Doctors at Kevin D Fong DDS, Hayward, CA, are experts in advanced dental treatments and in providing dental care for pregnant women. Keep reading to learn more about how important dental care is for pregnant women and contact us for professional and gentle dental care. 

How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Dental Health?

A lot of things change during pregnancy. Below are some of the ways it affects your dental health:

  • Sudden cravings and increased appetite can adversely affect your teeth and gums. Frequent snacking can increase the accumulation of bacteria that cause dental problems. 
  • It is normal to feel more tired during pregnancy. This may lead to skipping your nighttime brushing and flossing routines.
  • Sometimes, pregnancy causes the gums to become tender, preventing women from maintaining their daily dental hygiene. In some cases, they even get nauseous from brushing and flossing.
  • Pregnancy makes you more likely to get cavities. The bacteria that cause cavities can even pass down to your baby. 
  • Gingivitis (inflammation of gums) also becomes more likely. This can also lead to serious periodontal disease if left untreated. 
  • Frequent morning sickness also exposes your teeth to stomach acids. These acids can be harmful to the enamel and cause tooth erosion.

Tips For Maintaining Dental Health

Here are some tips for maintaining your dental health during pregnancy:

  • Routine dental checkups and procedures can be easily performed when you inform your dentist about your pregnancy. However, any complex dental procedures that can be delayed should be postponed. 
  • Inform your dentist about any medications and vitamins you are taking, including their dosage. 
  • As you already know, pregnancy can cause some serious dental health issues so try not to skip any of your regular checkups.
  • Pay special attention to your teeth. If you feel any pain, tenderness, or bleeding in your teeth and gums, immediately book an appointment with your dentist.
  • Follow your oral hygiene routine daily. Brush twice every day, floss once a day, and use an antimicrobial mouth rinse.

To learn more about dental care during pregnancy, contact Kevin D Fong DDS at (510) 783-1572 or visit us at 944 W Winton Ave, Hayward, CA 94545.

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