Is Using Mouthwash an Essential Oral Hygiene Routine?

Is Using Mouthwash an Essential Oral Hygiene Routine?

Posted by Kevin Fong DDS on Apr 7 2021, 08:43 AM

Good oral hygiene practices are necessary for both oral health as well as overall health. Brushing twice a day and daily flossing are healthy habits necessary for oral health. But is mouthwash an essential to good oral hygiene? Yes, mouthwash is essential addition to your oral routine to keep your mouth clean and fresh smelling breath.

Uses of Mouthwash

Regular use of mouthwash can reduce the harmful bacteria that feed in your mouth, which in turn lessens plaque and tartar buildup. Mouthwash minimizes chronic bad breath and temporarily freshens the breath.
The dentist may recommend mouthwash which contains fluoride and other certain ingredients that can assist the issues related to dry mouth, periodontal disease, cavities, tooth sensitivity, and more.
Can Mouthwash Replace Routine Brushing and Flossing?
Using mouthwash is not an alternative for regular brushing and flossing. Mouthwash oral rinse cannot do a deep clean job to remove plaque and tartar as effectively as brushing and flossing. It acts as a supplement to support toothbrushing.

How to Use Mouthwash

First, clean your teeth and gums thoroughly with routine brushing and flossing. Then, pour oral rinse into the cup as per the instruction followed by the brand. Empty the cup into the mouth, rinse it, gargle it well and spit the mouthwash out into the sink. Ensure not to swallow the mouthwash as it might harm the rest of your body. Check the dosage carefully so as not to exceed the doctor's recommendation.

How to Choose a Mouthwash

We should be very careful while choosing a mouthwash. It should meet personal oral hygiene goals. There are cosmetic as well therapeutic mouthwashes available in the market. Cosmetic mouthwashes reduce the bad-smelling breath temporarily and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. Therapeutic mouthwashes contain chemical ingredients that reduce bacterial infection which in turn reduce gum infection, dry mouth, and plaque buildup.
Look closely at the ingredients of a mouthwash before buying. Check if it contains multiple ingredients such as fluoride, cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine, and essential oils. This may be geared to fight against several oral issues to make your smile most radiant and fresh. It might be a good idea to consult with the dentist before purchasing a mouthwash for your kid.

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