Winter Beverages for Healthy Teeth

Winter Beverages for Healthy Teeth

Posted by Kevin Fong DDS on May 20 2021, 08:48 AM

After spending time in the freezing outdoors, it is good to come inside and have hot beverages to warm yourself. Drinking some hot beverages after coming from the freezing outdoors can cause a crack in your tooth enamel. This increases tooth pain and sensitivity. If you care about your dental health, try these instead of grabbing hot cocoa. 

Green or Black Tea

Enjoy a plain cup of tea. It contains high levels of fluoride that help in protecting the tooth enamel. It acts as an antibacterial agent as it contains bioactive compounds. It is better to avoid adding sugar or cream as the tea loses its benefits. 


Even though coffee is notorious when it comes to staining your teeth, it does help break down plaque that forms on the teeth. The polyphenol antioxidants present in coffee help stop the bacteria. Just like tea, abstain from adding any kind of sweeteners to enjoy the full benefits. 

Warm Milk

Not everyone likes to drink a warm glass of milk if there is no chocolate in it. But milk and dairy products are loaded with proteins like caseins that leave a protective layer on your teeth. As per American Dental Association, it is better to eat sweets first, and then wash them down by drinking a glass of milk. 

Hot Chocolate  

Hot chocolate is a favorite drink of almost everyone during the winter season. But it is one of the worst drinks for your teeth. If you top your cocoa with marshmallows, the sugar content increases even more. 

It provides energy for the bacteria present in your mouth. These microbes feed off of sugar to form acid. The acid eats into your dental structure to cause cavities. 

Instead of hot chocolate, chew on a piece of low-sugar dark chocolate. Pure cocoa is good for your dental health. It contains components that can fight the bacteria present in your mouth and help in strengthening your tooth enamel.  

Enjoying warm drinks can be a real pleasure in winter. But it is essential to make sure it is good for your dental health as well. Remember to always brush your teeth after every meal to ensure a safe and dentally hygienic lifestyle.

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