Tooth Replacement

Dr. Kevin D. Fong DDS

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Missing teeth can negatively impact your smile and make you self-conscious about your appearance. At his Hayward, California, office, Dr. Kevin Fong offers a variety of tooth replacement options that can enhance your smile. Whether you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth, there are safe, effective options available to you. To learn more, call or use the online booking tool and schedule a consultation at the office today.

Tooth Replacement Q & A

What are tooth replacement options?

Dr. Fong offers several different tooth replacement options to fill gaps in your smile, including:


Removable full or partial dentures can be used to replace multiple missing teeth or an entire mouthful. They’re easy to take out and clean. The prosthetic teeth are attached to a flesh-like acrylic base that matches the shade of your gums.

They’re custom-made in a dental lab using impressions of your mouth to ensure a secure fit. Partial dentures usually have metal clasps that attach to neighboring teeth.


A bridge is a fixed prosthetic that Dr. Fong bonds onto your natural teeth to fill gaps in your smile. He preps your teeth on either side of a gap, usually by reducing them in size to make room for your custom-made bridge.

Applying a bridge typically takes two visits. At first, Dr. Fong takes impressions of your mouth for a dental lab that makes your bridge. Then, at the second, he affixes the bridge.


Implants are metal posts Dr. Fong surgically inserts through your gum line to support a prosthetic tooth, full or partial denture, or bridges. They require a strong, healthy jawbone since that’s where implants naturally fuse.

After the initial procedure to place an implant, it takes several months for the implant to fuse to your jawbone. Once it’s ready, Dr. Fong places your prosthetic on your implant. They provide excellent support for replacement teeth and limit and sliding or shifting in your mouth.

Dental crowns, or protective caps, are often placed on prosthetic teeth to provide extra support and protection.

Which tooth replacement option is right for me?

If you’re missing a tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, Dr. Fong meets with you for an initial consultation to evaluate your condition and help you decide which tooth replacement option is best for you.

Factors that may weigh into that decision include:

  • Your oral health
  • Your age
  • Strength of your jawbone (for supporting an implant)
  • Past dental procedures
  • Cost
  • Lifestyle preferences


It’s important that together you and Dr. Fong make a choice that suits you best.

What are the benefits of tooth replacement?

Missing teeth leaves unsightly gaps in your smile that can make you self-conscious about smiling and impact your self-confidence. Tooth replacement restores your glowing smile and allows you to feel good about what you see in the mirror.
Also, when you’re missing teeth, gaps in your mouth can lead to surrounding teeth shifting in your gum line. This can lead to oral disease and tooth decay.

If you’re missing any teeth, call or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.